Building Real World Solutions

BEI Global works first to understand your specific situation. Next, we work with you to determine where your skills and time are best spent as an organization. After we have a complete picture of your situation we help to build real world solutions based on best practices, your business imperatives and our combined experience. BEI Global is not done working until there is a solution in place.

Creating Measureable, Repeatable Results

What is measured can be improved.  One of the basic tenants of LEAN is to continually measure results to understand what makes a difference.  BEI Global helps you understand the key issues and the most important areas to measure.   Data-based knowledge will make sure the solutions we build are sustainable.  Measurement also encourages organizations to manage proactively.

Transforming Business Through Supply Chain

Many organizations treat supply chain and logistics as a necessary evil or tactical imperative.  Supply chain should be a strategic choice to improve product positioning, customer service, and control costs.  Transformation doesn’t mean changing everything. It means making all the parts fit together cleanly for maximum benefit to both your company and customers.

What is BEI Global?

BEI Global is a consulting firm focusing on improving profitability for mid-sized companies by leveraging supply chain and logistics systems. We partner with you to transform your business by matching modern supply chain tools with real-world experience to your company’s strategy. We guide your team to efficiently define the challenge and implement the solution. Supply Chain DONE right!

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Leadership Logistics

Our blog includes thoughts culled from books, recent articles and reactions to quotes from great thinkers.  At BEI we tend to read alot, so the range of topics will be pretty broad: general business, supply chain, logistics, giving back to the communities that support us, and living a balanced/healthy life.  In spite of the diversity of topics,  the themes of leadership and idea that “you cannot give away what you don’t have” unify these musings.

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