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Using a 5-step process backed by analytics, time-tested management principles, and 30+ years experience, BEI Global partners with clients to implement strategic supply chain projects. These initiatives leverage the supply chain with the firm’s business strategy to increase overall profitability and produce measurable, repeatable results.

By working on either on a project-basis or as an adviser, I find real world solutions that can be implemented, sustained, and tracked for ongoing value. Areas of focus include global/domestic logistics, transportation, carrier management, network modeling, purchasing and planning, buy vs make analysis, process analytics and re-engineering.

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The BEI Global Team

We believe in the best of breed vs. single vendor solutions.

I have been in the both the buyer’s chair and the seller’s chair during my career and know that it is a real challenge to balance having the right resources while maintaining flexibility for client solutions. We have elected to use the best of breed solution for our clients to get the best match of skills and knowledge to expedite client solutions. Once the diagnostics are completed, we bring in the experts required to fill in the gaps for projects requiring additional support in areas such as:

  • Supply Chain & Project Management
  • 3rd Party logistics & Supplier Management
  • Data analytics & Network modeling
  • Marketing strategy & Web presence
  • Business strategy & Organizational development
  • Finance & Accounting

This flexibility and access to professional expertise allows us to provide the skills that are needed and clients get the advantage of paying only for the skills they need for a specific engagement.