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Here at BEI Global, part of the reason we do blogs is to explore a wide variety of ideas and concepts.  Early on, we phrased it this way:

“To share ideas and facilitate discussions. We will take the time to dig into writings, ideas and saying from great thinkers, both past and present. I want to explore ideas and thoughts that help us all to be better leaders and better humans.   Ideas that apply to all aspects of our lives: parents, children, community members, business people, and colleagues.”

If you want a refresher, here is a link to the first blog:

Today, we are going to focus on the “better human” part.

Past Decisions

Have you ever had a time in your life when you made some bad decisions?  Do you regret some things from your past?  I suspect we all have times in our lives when we wish we had been better people, made better decisions, were not so oblivious to others needs, and as a such, just treated others better.

Good People

I am very blessed to have some very good people surrounding me.  I learn from these friends and mentors continually.  The feedback loop from these good people is smart, thoughtful and focused on making our lives and our world a better place.

Recently, when reflecting on some poor decisions in my past, I had a realization.  In those times when I was making less than ideal decisions, I was not surrounded by the same quality of people in my life.  Of course, my listening skills were also problematic!

Feedback Loops

Our friends, family and mentors constantly provide a feedback loop about how to respond to our world.  When we surround ourselves with good people the feedback loop makes us better people.  When we surround ourselves with people who are less thoughtful and less kind, our feedback is consistent with those qualities.

Booster Shot for the Soul

Surrounding ourselves with really good people is like a booster shot for the soul.  When we are actively listening and making an effort to be the best person we can be, these friends and mentors give us great feedback.

Friend Upgrade Needed?

So ask yourself – are you in need of a ‘friend upgrade’?  Are you getting the kind of feedback that makes you a better person?  Do you need a booster shot for your soul?  I am grateful for the friends and mentors that give me great feedback.  Sometimes I need multiple booster shots in a day.  Do your friends and mentors provide the boosters that your soul requires?

Take Action and Listen

If you have not developed or found those deep mentor relationships, start today.  It is one of the best investments of time and effort you will ever make.   You just have to be open and ask the right people.

Make the time on your schedule to talk to your highest quality friends and mentors.  Listen to what they have to say.  This is our best opportunity to live the kind of life we want to live and to treat people the way we want to treat them.  It is also how we guard against making poor decisions in the future.

Well, I am off for my booster shot!

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