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  • Article: Freight Wins Big in Federal Infrastructure Package
  • Author: John Gallagher
  • Date: Dec 13, 2018
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In this article, the federal infrastructure grants for 2018 were reviewed.  The biggest issue is that the amount of the grant money was triple what has been distributed in recent years, and freight infrastructure obtained 66% of the entire package.  For comparison purposes – the typical total of the grant packages is about $500MM, and freight is usually 50% of the package with the balance of the money being distributed passenger and pedestrian projects.

While we can get upset about what projects are left behind, the big point is that investments are being made in our national freight infrastructure.  According to CAGTC executive Elaine Nessle, these competitive grant programs help to fill funding gaps for projects that are very complex, large in size, or extremely costly.

In the end, these grants represent more than 3 times the grant funding for our national infrastructure compared to the prior year.