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BEI uses a 5-step process to initiate genuine change in an organization and how it conducts business. These steps include:

Diagnostic Investigation

Learn about the company: finances, scope, scale, culture, products, services, and key players:

  • Define the problem, develop scope, develop strategy to address the problem.
  • Deep dive analysis to understand and evaluate the real problem(s). Review people, process and technology.  What is the effectiveness and efficiency of your supply chain?
  • Areas of investigation can include:
    • Transportation – network analysis
    • Suppliers
    • Global trade suppliers
    • Warehousing effectiveness
    • Purchasing process
    • Benchmarking
    • Service levels to customers
    • Inventory cost, inventory planning
    • Best practices, global compliance
    • INCO terms….


This phase combines the research from the initial review and diagnostic with 30 years of experience to develop a recommendation.

  • Current state, future state and gap review
  • Decision support, risk analysis and mitigation options
  • Business case, team resources, road map and action plan


Once the client has made a decision, based upon the recommendation phase, then the solution implementation must be planned. Planning will include:

  • Budget
  • Resources
  • Timing
  • Complexity
  • Project plans


Implementation is simply the execution of the planning phase; a solution is nothing without implementation.

  • Educational component, change management, a vendor selection, vendor implementation
  • Dash boarding: how is the new solution measured for ongoing success? Is there a process to provide actionable information for continuous improvement?

Evaluation and Continuous Improvement

As the new state stabilizes, the project team, including leadership and the consultants, have an opportunity to reflect. Evaluate success and the project.  Answer questions such as:

  • Was the problem solved?
  • What did we learn?
  • Where could we have been better?
  • Is there follow on work now or in the future?
  • Is there a road map for future opportunity?

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