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Why am I writing this Blog?

To share ideas and facilitate discussions. We will take the time to dig into writings, ideas and saying from great thinkers, both past and present. I want to explore ideas and thoughts that help us all to be better leaders and better humans.   Ideas that apply to all aspects of our lives: parents, children, community members, business people, and colleagues.


What is leadership? Really great leaders know when to

  • walk in front
  • walk beside
  • walk behind
  • get the heck out of the way!

People say “you know great leadership when you see it,” but I don’t think that is quite right. Too often we know when a great leader has left us, but we do not always recognize or acknowledge them at the time. All too often ‘great leaders’ are defined as the folks that stand in front and talk loudly. When those leaders leave the organization there tends to be a hole, or worse, a vacuum in the organization. Truly great leaders have a balanced approach. They prepare the next generation and leave the organization better than they found it.  Leaders come in all shapes and sizes. They do not always stand in front. They may be quite, introverted people who lead from beside or behind. When balanced leaders leave an organization it can take months or years to realize they have left because they prepared the next generation.

What to expect

  • Approximately weekly I will make a new blog post exploring different aspects of leadership, personal and professional. Generally, these thoughts will be focused on books, recent articles and reactions to quotes from great thinkers.
  • The range of topics will be pretty broad: general business, supply chain, logistics, giving back to the communities that support us, and living a balanced/healthy life.
  • The unifying themes will be leadership and the idea that you cannot give away what you don’t have. For example, you cannot be energized for your clients if you are not healthy and energized yourself. Therefore, ideas around healthy living are very much a part of leadership because it starts from inside you.

Who am I?

  • Rather than give you a resume or a list of accomplishments, I invite you to read the blog and find out for yourself what makes me tick. “Who we are” is so much more than a list of accomplishments, jobs, connections, regrets, activities or associations. ‘Who we are’ is the “stuff” that links it all together. The “stuff” that is between the lines. The “stuff” that is difficult to articulate.
  • For those of you who just cannot stand the idea that there is not list of accomplishments or connections to establish “who I am” – please visit my Linked In site.
  • If you want to explore what ties it all together, read on and tune in.