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A Thanksgiving Message

First and foremost, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.  I hope that you are able to spend the holiday in a way that is meaningful to you.

I have always struggled with the issue of gift giving in a corporate environment at Christmas time.  I have settled on Thanksgiving as a great time to thank business associates and customers for the opportunities provided during the past year.

One of my favorite New York Times columnists – David Leonhardt – has some great ideas for the Thanksgiving table.  In the past, he has written about the idea of a ‘Tech Shabbat”.  This is the idea of taking one day a week away from our various devices.  He expanded on that notion in his recent column about turning off the cell phone for Thanksgiving.  The links are here, if you have access to the New York Times:

So all of this got me to thinking about what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving.  To make it a bit more interesting, we will link it all back to supply chain and logistics:

10 –  OK – so I am a geek!  I am thankful for INCO Terms!!  Created by the International Chamber of Commerce to establish standards for how shippers, consignees and their agents interact with each other, and to determine which party is responsible for each part of the international transportation transaction.

9 – I am thankful for the Harmonized Tariff System.  This is the system that allows for an orderly classification of products and commodities around the world.  The Harmonized Tariff System, combined with INCO terms are the basic building blocks to international trade.

8 – I am thankful for Malcolm McLean who patented the standardized shipping container in 1956, which led to a revolution in transportation and efficiency – especially at the world’s sea ports.

7 – I am thankful for diesel trucks; without which we could never move our freight at scale.

6 – I am thankful the very smart people who are figuring out ways to use less carbon in transportation; such as electric vehicles.

5 – I am thankful for the Eisenhower administration for creating the US interstate highway system.  Without which, the trucks could not have become standardized and efficient.

4 – I am thankful that companies continue to outgrow their supply chains.  This gives Supply Chain folks work to do to support our families.  Reference blog: https://beiglobal.com/outgrowing-your-supply-chain/

3 –  I am thankful for 3PL’s.  These companies have systematized much of the daily tactical work so that Supply Chain leaders can dedicate more time to strategic activities.  Reference blog:   https://beiglobal.com/3pl-and-4pl-logistics-or-star-wars/

2 – I am thankful for the knowledge gained from friends and mentors to establish BEI Global, and make my living in Supply Chain.

1 – I am thankful for the ability to actually turn off my phone, and enjoy time with my family.

Time to make the last few calls before I leave for Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your holiday.

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